Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

INTRO: This one goes out to my man David B, 1919 to 1994 hommie
we just keeping it real keeping it popping you heard

(chorus) This is how it all came about
this is how the family started out
father David the C.O.G
A couple of kids just like you and me

Back in the days when Martin Luther King had a dream
back some where around 63 there lived a man named David B
A go getter soul winner solider on a quest
he was the son of a pastor he was a son of a evangelist
he took this world by surprise in 68
he revolutionized the hippies as he help them escape
those dark dens that bound them like a dog on a leash
he brought them to the light he help them to see
now David set out to set this world on fire with his caravan
dubbed as the C.O.G they moved swiftly through the land
from the coffee house, to the white house, to palm springs
living for Jesus not fame they keep it true to the game
they was dropped out rebels of their day
feed up with the church and all there twisted ways
united as one, one for all and all for one son
these are my roots man this is how it all begun

though persecution was heavy they keep their eyes on the prize
never losing their focus they lived this life of do or die
they was never scared they starred fear right in the eyes
no if and or buts about it they would of die before they compromise
dedicated to the fullest was these F.G.AS
living that law of love that Jesus preach back in the days
see they possessed that fire that couldn't be extinguish
with a heart of a martyr Ripley's you better believe it
see they was rebels with a cause giving a hundred percent
never settling for less man but a hundred percent
that's why i roll with the C.O.Gmarinate in this family
cause lord knows I'm proud to be labeled as a S.G
to walk with those that walk this road before me
J.C David B Momma Marie and King Pete you see
cause with all that flows within me
these are my roots man this is my family


my roots come from the dirt and the slums
the hippies and the bums drop out of the system
poor boys glitch and the lord don't snitch
if you don't understand better run for your click
cause you straight from the circus of what you thought perfect
the chains that bond them leaders of the blind man
formulating rhymes are so many men broken
i put my life on it may well be my slogan
A Jesus revolution that will leave the churches smoking
cause the hid to long from the words that spoken
I rep the C.O.G the ultimate Jesus freaks
I'm keep em stressed t...t till I sleep deep
so let me get my yoke on Babylon is falling
something they can poke on we thrive off the media
coming at the TV the pubic easy the C.N.N.N THE C.N.N